Friday, May 7, 2010

Have A Pictorial Weekend

Hello sweet peeps, how has this week been for you? As a good and faithful labor, I worked super hard this week. I mean, four invitations to review restaurants definitely need a lot of work out in the gym, right? Hohoho...

Anyway, to honor the struggle of labors, I will suggest you to go and see the photo exhibition at Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA). Dubbed as The Kawah Ijen's Warriors, the exhibition features 87 frames on the work and lives of the sulfur labors there. 

Located in East Java, Ijen Crater stands at 2,368 meters above the sea level. The area is rich with sulfur and beautiful scenery, but the lives of the sulfur porter labors are not. Looking at the photos makes me feeling grateful of the work I am doing. My job has high stress level but at least I don't have to go 4.5 kilometer on foot with 70 kilograms of sulfur on my shoulders every day. The exhibition will last until May 17. 

I went there on Monday and fortunately met Budi Chandra, one of the photographers. He gave me a CD containing, among others, these following photos taken by Andi Ari Setiadi, his colleague (I really like the expressions in these photos).

The good thing, GFJA is just a stonethrow's away from Pasar Baru, famous for the cheap and good shoes. If the photos are too depressing, you can always get a dose of retail therapy at Pasar Baru. 

Another idea to fill this weekend is going to Turkish Film Festival in Grand Indonesia's Blitz Megaplex. There are four movies to be screened: Vizontele, My Father and Son, Bliss, and I Saw The Sun. 
  Happy weekend!

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